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Group Seminars 

About Seminars


My passion is to prevent martial artists from having to give up what they love because of a preventable injury. I created MAI as a solution to common training mistakes and injuries I see in the martial arts world. MAI seminars and workshops are designed to give you long term results, not short term relief. 

Seminars are built around the needs of the trainees and can include:

  • Bio-mechanic breakdown of techniques

  • Application of various Techniques, Forms and Kata

  • Injury preventative training & Training with Injuries

  • Pre/Post warm ups and cool downs

  • Whole Body Integration and Muscle Development

donnie working with nick.jpg

Best Seminar ever!

- Nick

Meet Your Instructor

How's it going? I'm Donnie Abel. I have been involved with bodywork my entire life: martial arts, functional fitness, physical rehabilitation, personal training, Pilates, movement education and physical therapy.  I currently hold a 5th degree black belt (godan).  I have also been working in the physical therapy world for over 20 years with athletes for sports training and assisting with preventative education to avoid orthopedic injuries. I feel right at home whether working with all styles of Martial Artist.  


I combine all of my best techniques to give you immediate and long term results for my in person workshops and would love to see you join us. 


All the best , 


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