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Maybe You've: 

Been to a doctor

(he only gave you pills)

Seen a Physical Therapist

(helped a little but the problem came back)

Tried out some YouTube Videos

(and got some bad advice)

Ran a Google Search

(but didn't have time to sift through 3,576,987,183 results) 

Then it's time for a private session

How To Book a Session:

If you are in the western North Carolina area you can book an in person session at our studio.

If you are located anywhere else virtual sessions can be done over Zoom. 

To begin click Karate from the categories to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Choose private martial arts session to have an in person private session at our studio


Choose online MAI training to book a virtual session conducted over Zoom (an online video conferencing tool) 

Pick a time and date for your session, fill in your billing information, and get ready to enjoy the results you have been looking for. 

If you have any questions please call the studio at


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