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Current Programs

Beginners Karate Class
Day: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 4:30-5:30 
Description: Open to ages 6 and above, this class will include history, an introduction to karate, and fundamentals. Students will start at a white belt and begin to learn the katas, kihon, and kumite needed to test and progress through the ranks. Sessions run in 3 month increments. At the end of 3 months Sensei Abel will check in with the student (and parents if appropriate) and discuss the students next step which may include another 3 months of the beginners class or advancing to the intermediate class.

Intermediate to Advanced Karate Class  

Day: Tuesdays, and Thursdays

Time: 5:30-7:00

Description: Open to belts orange to black this class is for students who have made progress in the beginners class and want to progress toward their black belt or advance their practice. Any rank below orange must get Sensei Abel’s approval to join.


Beginners to Advanced and Beyond

Day and Time: individual sessions booked at your convenience Monday thru Friday

Description: Martial arts are physically demanding and require a body that is flexible, strong, and balanced. We all need individual attention from time to time whether it’s to practice a particularly challenging kata, strengthening an area that needs help, or restoring movement after an injury. These 1 hour private sessions are designed to focus on you and whatever you need assistance with that might not be covered in the group classes.

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