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Shotokan Karate

"The destination or goal sometimes in martial arts is to become a master, but one must go on the journey to achieve it." 

What is Shotokan Karate?

Shotokan is a Japanese style of martial arts developed by Gichin Funakoshi. In a biography from Black Belt Magazine Funakoshi is described as "a man of Tao. He placed no emphasis on competitions, record breaking or championships. Instead, he emphasized self-perfection. He believed in the common decency and respect that one human being owes another."


Shotokan is the modern form of karate comprised of three main parts, kihon which forms the basics ( blocks, strikes, kicks), kata which is a pattern of moves and kumite which is free sparring.


How is Shotokan different than other styles?

Shotokan is a non-contact form of karate.  


Why do people practice martial arts?


People start martial arts programs for many reasons: movement, art, challenge, disciple, and self defense. Our goal is to touch on all of these aspects while staying true to the Shotokan style.


What are the benefits?

Karate has tremendous benefits for body, mind and spirit.

It is both an art and a sport.


¨ Strengthens bones & builds muscle

¨ Develops hand-eye coordination

¨ Teaches discipline and perseverance

¨ Improves concentration and focus

¨ Develops self-control & confidence


What should I expect?

It takes time, practice, and consistent effort to be successful at karate. Be prepared to move, be detail oriented, and start a home practice. Periodically there will be tests to move you up to the next rank or seminars to advance your practice.  


What does is take to be successful?


​The people who are the most successful understand that there will be days when training gets difficult, they feel stuck, and don’t feel like practicing. They practice anyway. They keep going because they have a clear picture of their goal and aren’t willing to give up their dream because of a bad day. They note their progress and celebrate how far they have come. They use the Shotokan and Martial Arts Intelligence apps, consistently attend classes, seminars, clinics, and have a home practice. 

How is Abel Wellness Different?


Classes are kept small so Sensei Abel can adjust and correct your technique to help you create muscle memory and pass tests.  Students that are easily distracted, overwhelmed or have trouble focusing in a loud noisy gym or dojo will benefit greatly from having a quieter environment in which to learn. 

How can I get Myself or Child started?

A new beginners class starts approximately every 3 months. Classes are open to ages 6 to adult to encourage whole families to join. There will be a free Meet and Greet before every new beginners session. Please plan on attending to have your karate questions answered, fill out a waiver, and get sized for a uniform. Please watch here or contact the studio for our next start date.  

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